Wise Words


View from the boat

Food stocks were pretty low on the boat. Not much fresh stuff left at all. And the excitement of getting here has meant we’ve eaten out quite a bit. As some point we needed to get back to cooking for ourselves…. Although the jerk chicken and flying fish sandwiches I can highly recommend.

After some research online (we’ve sneakily managed to log onto the Radisson hotel internet from the boat at anchor using our wifi booster) we found a supermarket about an hour’s walk away up the beach.

We shopped, bizarrely the store had a fine range of pricy Waitrose products, then decided to get a taxi back.

We all meet people, sometimes fleetingly, who leave their gentle footprint and a part of their goodness with us. Victor, our the taxi driver, was such a man. A true smily open Barbadian, he talked about being proud of his country, its values of welcoming visitors from wherever in the world and the importance of education in broadening an individual’s view of the world. In practical terms he brought us back from the supermarket. But he gave us so much more.

In ten minutes he spoke more sense than a bunch of politicians can in a lifetime. The line that resonated most…”Even though we’re a slave nation, we have no animosity in our hearts.” Good on ya Victor. I shook his hand when we got out and told him he was the best ambassador his country could possibly have.

Not sure it’s appropriate to write anything else after those wise words. But I wanted to say a special Barbadian ‘hello’ to the folk at Penrith Grammar School who have followed our journey across the Atlantic. Thanks for watching! It’s appreciated. If you have any questions just shout and we’ll get back to you.

The weekend approaches. We will be heading down to a local fishing village tonight where you can get fish and chips, Barbadian style. Red snapper, tuna, sword fish, mahi mahi to name a few. Tomorrow afternoon there is a hash. It’s an organised run / walk so we’re going along to that to see a different part of the island and meet some locals.

No rush to move on from here. No rush at all.

4 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. Biddy says:

    Wonderful reading all your blogs and catching up on your adventures. Pics of fish amazing! Boys well impressed 😮 Wish I was sat on your boat right now looking at that view. Instead it’s a cold grey London day and I’m in Starbucks with strong coffee before heading off to find my event. Spending day talking and networking with lots of GPs.

    Well after reading your blogs I’ve googled flights to Barbados and Antigua and had atlas out to try and guess where you might head off to next. However then looked at bank account and computer said ‘NO’.

    Will have to find my adventures here for now just minus sunshine #winterblues big time ☹️ So guess I’ll head off to do some work then.

    Lots of love keep those posts coming. Xxx


  2. Nol says:

    Just catching up reading your blog and enjoying the photos. You both look so well and sound wonderfully relaxed. I still think about your voyage with amazement! Nolxx


  3. Alun says:

    Sounds like the adventure continues with more richness round every corner. There was a line in Thunderbirds from years ago, “anything could happen in the next half hour!”
    Loads of Love


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