Autumn in the UK

…. / . / ._.. / ._.. / _ _ _ Communications resume.

It’s been a few weeks when both of our heads have been in a ‘bit of a pickle’…a real mixture of sad times interspersed with the great smiles and cheeriness. I haven’t had a particularly strong train of thought for a story which I’d feel happy committing to the blog. A few themes drifted in and out of my consciousness …. Understated people who make a big impact, hero’s who don’t need a mask or a cape, cracking on and creating the life you want, and a few others but none developed into anything in particular.

So this missive will be mostly diary-like, a brief update of the past few weeks. We’ve been in the UK since 23rd September. We will return to boat-life soon, flying back to Boston on 9th November. That’s gonna feel like my Christmas has come early day. I know the boat will in all likelihood feel cold and damp when we get back, and small and cramped and the pressure will be on to get south, not at all glamorous, but we will be home and it’ll just be Mr Savage and me planning what’s next.

We returned to the UK because Dave’s Dad was poorly and in hospital. He sadly died although Dave did get to spend time with his dad which was precious. My good good friend Becca sadly died too from cancer. Both situations were not unexpected but that doesn’t take the heartache. October has not been the best of months for us.

There have been definite positives too in being back this side of the Atlantic. We’ve seen loads of friends and my dad is 80 this weekend. (he might not like me writing that!) Northumberland here we come. We had a fab couple of days over in Northern Ireland, a spontaneous trip to see ‘The Windoras’ our Kiwi friends who were sailing with Paul, our American friend. Sounds complicated but straightforward too, we walked the cliff path to the Giants Causeway and ate fish and chips. We also squeezed in a walk with Caroline our Ex Goole friend who now lives in Enniskillen.

We’ve drunk many cups of tea, dropping uninvited into friends home in Derbyshire and beyond. Having unlimited mileage on the hire car has helped….. Maidenhead, Reading, Winchester and Manchester have been graced by our presence. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to write about New York and the Bahamas next. And maybe New Zealand this time next year. That plan is written in sand…..we’ll see.

Several people have asked me since we’ve been home, what’s been the best bit of your trip. I have found this question delightfully easy to answer. Setting off. Making it happen. Everything that’s happened since then and the life we are creating for ourselves all stems from getting out of the lock in Hull.

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