La Hune Bay

We found what we came to look for in Newfoundland. No U2 ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ for Dave and H. La Hune Bay is a truly stunning place. The understated Mr Savage has spent the last three days saying ‘wow, this places is just amazing. I’m blown away by it’. For those of you know Dave well, that’s praise indeed. It’ll be tough to top this place for grandeur, scale and pure beauty. Plus we saw an otter.

We availed ourselves of a little rock climbing expedition one day. With no guide book, it was ‘make it up as you go’. Dave was route finder general. It was impossible to have a good gauge on how high this particular cliff actually is or how difficult it was all about to get. In the end, the rain came and stopped play and we sensibly backed off. We were 5 pitches up with the climbing being relatively easy but the position was quite committing. We abseiled off in 3 rope lengths with a bit of scrambling and hand lining at the bottom. Drinks deserved that evening.

Now we are in France. I kid you not. Miquelon and Saint Pierre are two French islands off the Newfoundland coast. We have been visited by customs, dug out the euros to buy bread and been filmed by French television who were collecting footage and stories for a piece on visiting boats. It all feels a bit bonkers but the French atmosphere pervades and St Pierre, where we will head to tomorrow, is apparently a tourist destination with restaurants and gift shops. That’ll be a contrast to uninhabited fjords you can only access by boat.





4 thoughts on “La Hune Bay

  1. John Derek parker says:

    Excellent photography. You need to make a book of images from your adventures, not just save them all up on an electrical gadget. I love the pic of Dave in a metal “grass” skirt, very becoming. I felt quite worn out after admiring the photos, relaxing watching the debacle of the cricket( Buttler and Stokes are trying. Invasion at the w/end arrives from Worcester. Dad


    • grace of longstone says:

      Yes I have thought about creating some kind of coffee table picture book with my little stories and photos all in the same place.

      Its on a back burner at the moment. One day.

      Enjoy your invasion. I guess Jessica will be happy with a Hexham holiday!


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