Days out


We’ve lived in Derbyshire for a number of years. It’s a gorgeous county with varied and stunning countryside, epic historic properties and pretty, welcoming villages.

Our trip to the uk this time round has been longer than previous ones. So I was keen to get out and about in Derbyshire and enjoy what it has to offer. You know how it is. You live somewhere for ages and rarely visit the great places on your doorstep.

Friends came to stay do we went to Chatsworth for the day. Dave cracked the maze, Ollie got wet at the Emperor Fountain, Sam kept up remarkably well on his crutches, post his knee surgery, as we hiked upto the lake that feeds the fountain and Biddy completed the dog agility course. And her dog Ilka did some of it too!

My sis, family and cousin came over too. Charades continued late into the night after Aunty Helen had taken the kids swimming while the parents went for a quiet afternoon coffee / beer. Good Aunty.

We flew over to Jersey for a couple of nights. Our friend Ken said, “You’re the only people I know who can have a holiday from a holiday and then go on holiday”. The weather wasn’t great but we still got some beach walks in and Dave got his fix of boat conversations chatting to Ben till late at night.

Time ticks. Less than a month till we fly back now. Hope Grace is behaving herself.