Off grid

I think you call this a pasting. We are anchored behind a motu (small island with vegetation) in the north of Tahanea. Strong winds of around 25 knots and heavy rain were forecast from the north so having some land directly in front of us should provide shelter from the wind and more importantly the fetch. The fetch being the build up of waves across a body of water. It’s the waves that create problems, more than the wind.

Well. Last time it was my turn to go outside and check on things, I glanced at the wind instruments and noticed it was a fairly constant 45 knots.  Someone anchored near us has just been on the radio saying they saw a momentary 60 knots. I can vouch in true british understated fashion, it’s darned breezy. And there’s fetch so it’s a bit of an unwanted  bucking bronco ride. And this is at anchor.  Not at sea. Today would not be a good day to be out sailing. 

It’s the middle of the day here and the many different forecasts we look at that come in via our iridium sat phone suggest it’s going to like this for another 12 hours. It’s not cocktails on the poop-deck weather. The best items to wear when you have to go outside to check on things are a waterproof jacket and a pair of goggles. Nothing else needed. Anything else gets soaked in minutes, wet stuff just drips in the cabin and it’s not cold out there. Don’t fret. The next boat is anchored quite a way away so they have no reason to be offended! Well unless they are spying with their binoculars. 

We left Tahiti on 18th December. Since then, until today, we’ve had no phone reception, 4G or WiFi. We have been in our own little bubble of quiet removed ignorance. Mostly enjoying the company of three other boats, Gecko, Belladonna and Sea Rose.

We shared Christmas with our friend Holly on Tahanea, an uninhabited atoll in the middle of the Tuamotus when the weather was somewhat different. Snorkelling in flat clear blue water, a few small pressies, lunch, and a motor to a different anchorage. We towed Holly’s small 27’ boat, Gecko 6 miles across the atoll which was a bit of a wheeze. The water in Tahanea is so clear if a bird flies over when you’re snorkelling, you can see it’s shadow on the sand. 

Dave has done a fair bit of kite surfing in the last few days and has cracked going up wind. Which makes him happy. And saves on dinghy fuel as otherwise I need to chase after him downwind to retrieve him and his kite. One of the girls on Belladonna made a great little edited video on her phone of Dave whizzing across the water. 

We’re not sure what we’ll do between now and May when we will return towards Tahiti and the Society Islands. In the short term, a few freshies and some internet are in order. Green food required. Picking up news from the past month and reconnecting with folk is the order of the day now.