Countdown to Fiji

My niece and a friend were walking along the Roman Wall in Northumberland. There’s a classic place called Sycamore Gap (photo above) which was actually the location of a scene in the film / movie,  Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Kevin Costner played Robin Hood. You may remember it. 

As they were walking past, a group of Americans were admiring the vista and one asked the question, “I wonder what kind of tree it is?” There was some considered debate. I wish I’d been there. I’d have said beech or fir or ash. 

When they got home and were sharing their holiday snaps, they could have imparted this impish UK     information to their friends and family.  Apologies to my American friends. 😀

1st October. That’s when I leave these shores for Fiji. I arrive back to boat world on 3rd October. The trickiest bit of the trip is going to be the UK bit. There’s likely to be a train strike on the day I fly. Grrrrr!  Being organised, I’d booked a ticket in advance to get me from Hexham to Heathrow airport, west of London. It’s about 300 miles. Now I have uncertainty and unnecessary stress. Thank you train drivers. 

The UK has been filled with nothing but the Queen’s death. Britain delivered impeccably. We rule the world with pageantry and queuing. I stole a few screen shots to remind myself in 20 years time of the occasion. I didn’t know the military owned so many uniforms. 

Mostly August

My 13 year old nephew said “I’ve just seen Aunty Helen run up the stairs like a wolf”.

I’m taking this as a massive compliment as I’ve had another trip round the sun and I plan to be be able to ‘wolf the stairs’ for a few more years. 😀

Dad continues to astound expectation. In medical parlance, his vital signs now include making ginger biscuits and shortbread. He can walk round the block assisted. He can berate the zapper for the television as well as the next person. He can supervise my gardening exploits.

Dave continues to beaver away in Fiji. (I think!). I’ve booked a flight and I will soon get back to boat life with NZ on the horizon. The mornings are getting chilly here in Northumberland too and I don’t have many clothes so it’s time to get to warmer climes.