Escaping Jersey

We escaped Jersey after 6 or 7 or 8 days, not sure exactly which but it didn’t really matter. We had a truely fab time. Our last purchases for the boat were a bottle of malt whiskey for Dave and a bottle of Bombay Gin for me. Anyone like to wager which bottle will get finished first? Bet Fret probably won’t offer terrific odds on this one. But we do have late night beverages available if and when we have visitors.

Today we’ve made it to L’Aberwrac’h and will head round the corner into what is the start of the Atlantic Brittany coast tomorrow. The sun still shines, the tides run strong and fast and the rocks can loom big and large. Cracking days sailing today after a day’s motoring yesterday. Camaret tomorrow assuming it all goes to plan and time to stop and enjoy the area for a day or two.



2 thoughts on “Escaping Jersey

    • grace of longstone says:

      Yes, we made it out of the U.K… Okay only to Brittany so far but it’s a good start. Life is sweet. It’s amazing how quick you adapt to a new stage of life. Living in a house seems forever ago. I head back to the UK for a couple of weeks work in August then more sailing to the Canaries by November. Enjoy your summer holidays. Xx🙂⛵️


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