Local Hero

Local Hero is one of my all time favourite films: British, quirky, small budget, great message and low key. And if you ever go to watch Newcastle United. play football, which I know most of you quite rightly won’t, you will hear the film music  by Dire Straits played as the ‘Toon Army’ run out onto the pitch. Brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye but that may be about the quality (or lack of it) that I’m to witness over the next 90 minutes.

The setting for Local Hero is a small unsophisticated but very likeable village. We’ve been to such a place on our travels. Cudillero is the Spanish equivalent. A fishing harbour with some local boats and space for passing yachts. Normally you’re expected to pay marina fees when you park up. Not here. “You’ve come by boat. You deserve to stay” the slightly dishevelled and maybe a little bit drunk Spanish gentleman declared in a local bar as Dave looked for a Marina Office that was non existent. I like the logic. The pontoons are a bit ramshackle, there’s a bit of swell coming in under the breakwater but the place has no pretensions and boasts a pretty village that clings to the hillside. If you want sophisticated pricey marinas with all the services this place is not for you. It suited Dave and I just fine.

We’re now in Vivaro, about 50 miles east of La Coruna. Today is a work day. We’ve been in the library till we got thrown out for siesta at 2pm so we’re holed up in a cafe using their wifi and eating calamari. Dave has been chatting to clients too on passage. Photo evidence above.

We’re entertaining tonight so need to buy some food for dinner. Still no fish caught even though we trailed a line and a rod with a delicious looking plastic squid on the end of it for most of yesterday.  Fish seem to be very fussy as to what they eat in French and Spanish waters.

6 thoughts on “Local Hero

  1. John Derek parker says:

    All seems to be going well. Work was never like that in my day but I suppose I only had a piece of chalk and a blackboard. Enjoyed trip to Worcester and glad to report foot improving. Went for physio and was given exercises. Hoping to walk in to Hexham before long – big deal!, Viv here doing me out so just sitting although have potted on plants for next year hopefully.p. Dad


  2. Linn Waite says:

    Watch out for the mad scooter….

    I recall we encountered such a place in turkey as well though it was heavily populated by germans.

    Sounds like you are having a cool trip….hope the few weeks back for work weren’t too much of a jolyt and more a delicious reminder that you don’t have to do it full time.

    We have a trip to New York booked in October…partly work and partly seeing where young Nell is making her home. I am also due to scare myself in a week or sos time by heading over to Lundy for Jocks birthday gathering and I am taking my harness and boot! Eeek! Its been a long time.

    And my most recent frivolous outing was on Monday to the world premiere of Bridget Jones’s baby in London…a hoot to get dressed up and walk the ‘pink’ carpet….though you just get bundled along at an undignified pace by men who must have had suits made to measure because they are not normal shape…more um …brick shithouse!

    Happy sailing xx


    • grace of longstone says:

      Enjoy Lundy. I know dave is quite sad to be missing out on that little excursion. Wish jock a happy b’day from us. I don’t doubt for a second that you’ll be just as good at climbing as you ever were.

      The pink carpet thing sounded fun. Is Colin still in the franchise or has he become too distinguished to play the English hunk?

      Thanks for the responses to my blog ramblings. It’s nice to know folk do look and read. X


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