Exploring the Island


Yesterday we hooked up with another English Couple, Polly and Andrew who are anchored next to us and headed off around the Island.

My impression is Barbados is an island of three parts. The East Atlantic Coast is wild and undeveloped. The day was particularly windy and rollers crashed continuously onto the beach.  No need to pay any money for a facial sand scrub on the beach here.

The interior of the island is green and lush. Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, Barbados is not volcanic. It’s also young in geological terms. A limestone ridge runs in the interior and it was here we went to visit Harrison’s Caves. We both thought it had potential to be a bit naff, especially with Dave’s caving experience, but actually it was very impressive and the formations were amazingly unspoilt.

The West Coast is completely set up for tourists with villas, shopping and hotels, especially around Holetown. Not really our natural environment but the beaches are beautiful and the sea lacking in rollers like the east coast.

Today we’re in the Yacht club printing out documentation as we have an appointment tomorrow at the US Embassy to apply for a tourist visa. Arriving by plane or cruise ship doesn’t require the same visa as arriving on your own boat. So hopefully we have everything needed now and the process is straightforward.


4 thoughts on “Exploring the Island

  1. grace of longstone says:

    Hi ski folks,
    Nice pics of grand montets and powder snow. Say hi to Ben. We owe him an email and his son Flynn wants a photo of a palm tree.

    Just back from the American Embassy and all seems straightforward. Hope to pick up visas next week if the processing bit goes to plan.

    Now pondering what to do with the day. Hiring a. couple of body boards is the current favourite option.

    Enjoy the snow. We will miss our usual trip this year.


  2. Alun says:

    That is the first time I have heard you both referred to as “tourists”?
    Ben D has been out this week, had a great ski day at Courmayeur and catch up. Seeing him for a beer tonight at the Vagga.
    Loads of love to you both
    Breezy & Al


  3. Jim says:

    The east coast is always like that – its the reason why the main town is on the western shore. Did you see any monkeys? How was Oistins?


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