Grenada. It’s hot here. Not just a ‘take your jumper off’ kind of hot. It’s a ‘hide from the sun, wear a hat, drink lots of water, swim to cool off’ kind of hot. Being on the boat at anchor usually delivers us a bit of constant breeze. As soon as we come ashore the breeze seems to disappear. I did have a little dream about skiing last night. Blue sky sunny skiing, not blasting ‘in my eyes’ horizontal snow skiing. Maybe next year….

We had a champagne sail from Barbados to here. Lifted the anchor at 1pm. We motored around SY Little Coconut to say goodbyes then pointed Grace out to sea. Within 200m we had the sails up, engine off and a passage of about 150 miles ahead of us. Caught another big mahi mahi too so that was 4 meals taken care of.

Our last downwind passage for a while was a joy. We had our best 24hr stats, averaging  just a smidgein under 6 knots. Our friend Julian looked at the tracker and emailed us to say… 6.7knots. Have you run out of nutmeg? Very drole.

We decided to have a night in the marina at the Grenada Yacht club. Having access to power and a pontoon would be helpful for the jobs we had lined up. Dave spent about an hour up the mast the following morning as we retraced some halyards to try and solve a chaffage problem. We also took down the twin headsails on the fore stay and just put back the Yankee up. (A bit of sailing jargon there for you sailing types)

We’ve done some Unique Solutions work, talked about buying a hard bottom tender and decided that I will come back to the UK in June / July for 3 weeks to do a couple of weeks work with Nando’s and a catch up with friends and family. I’ll be in touch to book some b&b space the last week in June. Thanks in anticipation!





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