Our trip so far has seen us establish some great friendships, then as sailing plans diverge, so does the physical contact with friends. Internet magic still keep us in virtual contact beyond that though the pleasure of spending time together has gone.

Hugh and Miranda of Little Coconut are heading off to Panama, the Pacific and ultimately Australia. We met them in Tenerife, spent new year with them in the Cape Verde’s, chased them across the Atlantic (almost caught them up!), relaxed together in Barbados and finally said goodbye in Grenada. We wish you guys all the very best on your travels ……till our paths cross again.

We also said a remote long distant and sadly permanent goodbye to ex flatmate, colleague and friend, Tim Pidsley, who we found out had died unexpectedly at home in New Zealand. On the passage from Grenada to Caricou, Dave and I recalled fond stories of Tim. Dave spent several summers with Tim climbing in Cornwall as part of month long summer trips. I recalled one spectacular adventure when Tim and his hareem, (me, linnit and Biddy) coasteered from Sennen Cove around to Lands End. We swam, scrambled, laughed and scrapped our way to our planned get out where Dave dropped a rope down for us to climb out at Lands End Long Climb.

That summer, Biddy, Tim and I went to The Minack theatre to watch the Madness of King George. It was a stormy night, the sea crashed behind the actors as King George ran wildly around the stage. We all smiled at the end of the performance, the weather and sea state had added to the experience.

We are currently on Caricou working. Yes, it’s true. We are working. Laptop is out things are being typed and emailed as I type this. When we have decent wifi we have to make the most of it.

Yesterday we walked from Tyrell Bay to Paradise Beach and round the mangroves to Hillsborough. Photos attached. Classic Caribbean pics for you to enjoy.


One thought on “Goodbyes

  1. Biddy says:

    Ahhhh both how sad I am to hear the news about Tim. I didn’t know. Not sure how I would as my links and contacts with that old Minerva days network all a bit sparse these days. Your right though such good memories too and fun times!! I do remember well when you shared the flat together in Llandovery. And of course the Cornwall hols.

    In the interest of accuracy though was king Lear we saw at the minnack and scenes of him raging and going mad with the sea crashing up the cliffs behind him.

    Sad news but good memories xxxxxxxx


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