Bequia feels like an island that has got its act together. This makes life easier for boat based folk. Aka us!  We had a fast sail up only motoring the last couple of miles to windward to get into the bay. Some powerful gusts off the north of Canouan where quick reefing was the required. Dave was a monster with  the winch handle.

The island is pretty small but there are probably 100 boats in the bay. There’s a walkway round from the beach to the village. And several dinghy pontoons. Service boats offer water, diesel, ice and laundry services all delivered to your boat. It’s a little pricy but that’s the price of convenience. We dropped our laundry off ashore this morning and it will be delivered back to the boat, washed dried, folded around 8am tomorrow morning.

Once away from the main strip, it’s pretty quiet and low key. Goats hang out on the grass next to the runway at the airport. The UBD’s  (ubiquitous brown dogs) languish in the heat. Families hang out in the shaded areas at the beach on weekends with a BBQ charring octopus and music pumping from their vehicles.

The sea is a focus of life here. Bequia has dispensation to hunt whales. They do this from small sailing boats. There’s a picture of one here. We chatted to guy near Friendship Bay who told us a couple of whales had been spotted recently but the sea was too rough for any pursuit. When a whale is caught, people turn up from Bequai and other islands and may take several hundred kilos of meat that will last for 3 to 4 years. It’s a big event and part of local tradition.

Nice chats today with a few friends in th UK and Portugal.  Now in bar watching Chelsea v Man Utd. Well I am. Dave is looking at boat stuff on the internet. Old habits die hard.




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