New England Fogginess

Best made plans and all that. Today was dedicated as a non chores / work day. We’re in Providencetown on the very end of Cape Cod. Or P Town to give it its local name. At present we can see about 100m through the fog. I think we’d need a compass to safely get to the end of the pier to tie up the dinghy. Our bike hire plans are on hold and while I tippy tap away here, Dave is assuming a horizontal position reading and drinking coffee.

P Town seems to garner fame for three reasons.
1. The Mayflower landed here in 1620 with the Pilgrims aboard who later settled nearby
2. There’s a strong artistic presence with lots of galleries and theatres
3. Summer brings holidaymakers swelling the population from 3,000 up to 60,000, the town being a big draw for the gay community

People watching is the main activity on the high street here, with a scattering of attention seeking individuals hanging out. The vibe is buzzy, properties are classic clapperboard and there’s plenty of disposable cash dripping around the place. I like it.

It’s a complete contrast to Cuttyhunk our last port of call. Think Alderney or the Isles of Scilly, a delightful throwback to a previous era. Very few cars, mostly golf carts provide transport otherwise you can walk the whole island in a few hours. We sailed in on a foul evening in heavy rain and while looking to pick up a mooring buoy, ran aground in the mud. What to do….well we are British. Kettle on, tea, wait for the tide to rise. A couple of kind folk came over to help us as the tide rose and we spun the boat around to pick up a mooring. We’d provided some evening entertainment for the onlooking audience. Always good to take your turn.

The fog did lift…here’s a few photos of our walk around the headland.



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