To go or not to go?

Canada sits about 20 miles away. We saw it today on our ‘Helen Hike’ around the The Bold Coast Trail. 4 miles on the road to the trail head, then what felt like a long 9 miles around the trail. We gratefully hitched a lift back from a generous woman and her niece. Another 4 miles on the road back to Cutler and Dave was threatening sense of humour failure, big time.

The walk itself was pretty undulating through fir and spruce forest but also provided great views on the coastal section. I didn’t see one piece of litter on the whole trail. There’s something to brag about. Not even a piece of abandoned orange peel or pistachio nut shells. That’s been our experience around Maine. It’s very clean here…and friendly.

For example, we asked one of the dock lads on the working pier about where we could get a couple of jerry cans of water. There’s just salt water on the dock so he had to think for a mo but replied that the church over the road had a kitchen downstairs with sinks. “It’s always open, have a look there” he said. “ and if the jerry’s don’t fit under the tap, Jeremy on the boat over there will be ashore in 10 minutes, that’s his house next to the church, he’ll sort you a hose”.

We filled the cans then another lobster fisherman spotted us leaving the church. “Have you got far to walk with those?” We said about 300m. “Take them to the dock and we’ll lower them down onto the platform for you with the derrick. Bring your tender round and it’ll save you the walk”.

The dilemma is do we pop over the border in Canada? Another country? We’ve love Maine. Everyone who has sailed here said we would. They were right. But at some point we have to turn round and head back west and the winds will probably dictate that.

Other remnants of news…I got older. We ate loads of mussels that we’d collected from a rocky ledge with Brian and Steph and also bought lobsters to complete the sea food fest. We had a top campfire on the beach of Knight Island. And we’ve seen no other british flagged boats since we’ve been in Maine. It feels like we’ve been off the beaten track a bit.



5 thoughts on “To go or not to go?

  1. Mel says:

    Happy birthday Helen from all of us! Very jealous of the seafood experience – my favourites! We drifted onto some rocks on Sunday on our first trip out as a family in ‘Nia Rhiannon’. Oh my – the look in Pete’s face when the engine failed to start! Picking up the rudder today which has been glued back together with epoxy! Complete disaster averted … Mel x


  2. John Derek parker says:

    Lovely pics. Not so keen on choice of sea food. (Stephen caught a nice cod which I cooked – fish in batter and chips plus mushy peas). Happy b day again, did send an e mail . Dad.


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