Back to our floating home…

There was a package left for us at the harbourmasters office in Gloucester. We nearly didn’t get it. He radioed us up just as we were leaving so we motored past the dock and he handed it over.

All it said was ‘Dave and Helen S/V Grace of Longstone’. Inside were treasures. Two sachets of hot chocolate, some diddy marshmallows (s’mores), two tots of Jack Daniels, a dvd of Cool Runnings and a sailing book to read. Plus a card from our buddies Brian and Steph…..the words of which I’ve photographed above. How lovely!

We got back to Massachusetts on what was reported (allegedly) as the coldest November day in 100 years. Whether this was true or not, it was flipping brass monkey weather made colder by the wind chill. We stayed at Paul’s house for a couple of nights. Grace without a functioning heater was not too inviting a prospect. Dave went to bed in his hat one night when we did get back onto the boat. He knows how to look sexy in bed!

It was a wrench to leave Gloucester. Paul had been a superstar going above and beyond. He tells a great story and his buddies were fun too. We’d walked the coast, eaten pizza together, visited hardware stores and sat up shooting the breeze.

Today we’re in Plymouth, where the Pilgrims landed absorbing a bit of history. We’ll be here for a few days. It’s a big weekend in town…..a procession with floats, a food festival, bands and general celebrations. We are having a little bit of work done on the boat and the weather doesn’t look too chipper so we plan to make the most of whats on offer here.

Also I’ve just come off the phone to a distant relative, Bobby who is coming to visit. I’m not sure exactly how we are related, I’m not too good at that lineage stuff but it’ll be great to meet up and maybe work out exactly what the family connection is.

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