Long Island Sound

Years ago when I lived in South Wales, (Welsh Wales not Australia) I had a really good friend called Angie. We haven’t seen each other in years but I know if I turned up on her doorstep I’d still be welcomed in. We used to talk about ‘good to be alive days’. You’ll all have had several. Things happen that make you smile on the inside and the outside. An experience, a kind word, an evening sunset, your dog falling in the canal…….we had such a ‘day’ today.

Yesterday’s trip of about 50 miles had the potential to be long and chilly. With limited daylight hours, we wanted to arrive at our planned stop, Milford, Connecticut before darkness. So up at five, off in the dark before six. Motor sailing, we made great time and got to the river entrance about 2.30pm. Option one was to anchor out in the bay and dinghy ashore or option two, proceed cautiously up the buoyed channel, (we were bang on low water and had no local knowledge as to when the channel was last dredged) knowing there were docks to tie up to meaning we could get off the boat easier.

We pressed the button for option two and 20 minutes later we were tied up to the dock at the Milford Yacht Club. Great. Time for a walk into town before dark then back to the boat for beef stew, courtesy of the much used pressure cooker. Tyler, a guy who worked at the club kindly gave us a lift into town and we wandered round the open streets either side of the green. One building in town, the library, caught my eye. A mix of tiles, bricks, stone and boulders. Feeling nosey, I pushed open the outer door, then the inner door. Lights were switched on and a woman, Nell, came to greet us. Ah, she said this is no longer the library, it’s now the local chamber of commerce. No matter, we got chatting and she said she was a member of the Yacht club and tonight was ‘cheap’ night with money off drinks until 7.

It would have been rude not to drop by. What a great couple of hours and lovely people. We were welcomed wholeheartedly into the club and left saying emphatically that if we were ever in the area again, we will definitely call in.

At 7.45 this morning as we’re organising lines before setting off towards Manhasset Bay, Tina, I think that’s her name, apologies if it’s wrong,  one of our new friends from last night came scurrying down the pontoon with a bag of goodies….breakfast for us on Grace this morning. That’s why it’s a good to be alive day today. A totally lovely and unexpected gift.

We have about 8 miles to go till we stop moving today. The Manhattan skyline is on the horizon. I was last there in 1986. That means I’m older than I think!




2 thoughts on “Long Island Sound

  1. grace of longstone says:

    Yes it has been sunny…..but still chilly. Tomorrow we will take the train into New York. We’re anchored in Port Washington. It’s a 40 minute ride into the city.

    Plan is to walk…. Central Park, Ground Zero, maybe a museum. Today is chores….laundry, a top up shop, check out where the train station is..


  2. John Derek parker says:

    Nice set of photos. Seemed very bright and sunny. Not so here. First snow fell then froze. Very slippy, so hibernated, But today is mild now. Ncle playing Chelsea, Ncle scored first but sadly 2. – 1 at half time.


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