Two posts in a day


Winter has arrived. Apparently this little blast is called Benji. So sweet. Benji has been skipping up from Florida to the Canadian border. I know I’ve been rattling on about getting south. It would appear even Florida isn’t sufficiently south this weekend.

The UK has Caroline this weekend I read. Hope this means everyone’s sledges get some pre Christmas action. Polish up your runners.

Last night we walked into Cape May in the snow. It was properly Christmassy. The quality of lights and decorations on the wooden clapperboard houses somewhat dwarfs the efforts of Chesterfield, a town near where we live in derbyshire. A tastefully decorated six foot tree on your porch next to your wooden rocking chair looked great in the falling snow last night.

We stopped in on the free brass band concert, a medley of Christmas tunes filling the space. Surely, everyone likes a brass band, especially Breezy.

Today we spent a couple of hours clearing snow from the boat. We don’t want it to freeze, get ridiculously heavy and impossible to shift. I have a feeling it’ll be Groundhog Day tomorrow.


One thought on “Two posts in a day

  1. Lisa says:

    Caroline has brought snow, so a Groundhog Day here too. Sunday papers, cups of tea, couple of films….oh and a log fire! Stay warm you two xx


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