Make your own entertainment

Each generation creates and enjoys its own entertainment. It’s all too easy and judgemental to say things like, “when I was a kid, we did x, y and z, not like today’s youth!”
On our trip out to Cape Lookout this weekend I was reminded of a Sunday back in Northumberland when I was a kid. We had taken the small passenger ferry out to the island and enjoyed walking the beach in solitude on what we’ve called our ‘Out of season tour of America’. The local wildlife was prolific and alive, mostly….dolphins, pelicans, wild horses, plus a slightly stinky dead shark. It was this that evoked the memory.
A badger had been hit by a car along the road from where The Pearson’s lived so a small party of us kids set off on an expedition along the road to see the dead badger. Now that’s homemade entertainment. The creature was quite hefty, stiff but wholly intact as we poked it with a stick and examined it’s impressive digging claws. Expedition complete and with lunch calling we headed back to base camp.
Bellies full, the question was how to spend the afternoon. ‘Let’s go and see the dead badger again someone suggested’. “Brilliant idea, yes let’s” There you go, that’s how we filled our time before Netflix, Instagram and a world of non talented allegedly celebrity, celebrity’s. I think I’ve just contradicted my opening paragraph here. Oops.
Boatwise, we have many half finished jobs, more than have been fully ticked as boatyard life continues. The mast compression post is getting a makeover, the main reason we are here. Other ongoing jobs include…new cutlass bearing, new fresh water pump, new window seals, new zips on the cockpit tent / dodger, new holding tank, various bits of epoxying, new solar panels, cleaning the water and fuel tanks, new sea water deck wash, servicing and overhauling the alternator and starter motor and on and on.
A departure towards the Bahamas at the end of this month seems less and less likely. Ah well, it’ll still be hot and sunny when we get there I’m sure. .



4 thoughts on “Make your own entertainment

  1. Graeme Wood says:

    Just caught up on your whereabouts – we should catch up some time! How are you doing? We have just spent a month in ANZ visiting K & L. M joined as well so we had family together.


  2. John Derek parker says:

    I seem to remember the badger laid aboutforsometime. Muff would have enjoyed a sniff. Hope early Spring makeover is going well. Snowdrops appearing here and have managed to tidy up a bit gardenwise.


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