Bean Economics with random ski photos

Missing some powder Dave telemarkingYou have money for 5 beans. You eat 6 beans. You have to sell your soul or wash up to pay for the extra bean. Grace is eating beans rather too hungrily. She’s one demanding vessel who obviously hasn’t listened to the ‘Austerity Measures’ mantra.

What does this highly complex explanation of bean economics mean? Well it’s coloured and influenced our plans for what’s next. And also the fact we’re careering into mid Feb still on the hard in North Carolina when we’d hoped to be down towards Panama.

Panama is still most definitely on the agenda. New Zealand is still the goal. But we’re now a year behind. Or maybe more accurately, another year behind. We’re operating on Grace time, we go with the flow.

So what does this mean? We still plan to head to the Bahamas for some R&R (rest and recuperation…don’t laugh). Then as hurricane season ramps up again, we’ll head north to Canada. Definitely Nova Scotia, maybe Newfoundland. I plan to come back to the UK for a couple of brief blasts of work to replenish the Grace coffers, once in mid May for just over three weeks then once again in late September for two weeks. Currently the thinking is Dave will stay here and keep moving the boat. If anyone fancies helping him during that time, do give us a shout as he’d love to have some company.

Think that’s about it for now.

PS. If anyone needs a bean economist, count me in.

One thought on “Bean Economics with random ski photos

  1. Biddy says:

    ONe of my very good old friends from Namibia days, Heidi lives in Nova Scotia, been meaning to visit for years ! Maybe this is my year ?! X


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