Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps, Definitely

Whisper it quietly. The mast may go back on next week. That’s a definite maybe. Good to have something definite for a change. Feels a bit like dry water or still wind. A paradox of unfathomable proportions. We are closer. As I type Wilson is polishing the gelcoat he applied earlier this week. It looks fantastic. The work quality is of a high high standard. It will be impossible to tell the mast has been off, a hole has been dug in the deck and refilled.

That said, I personally prefer jobs which show a discernible difference on completion. Our varnished deck boxes (currently on coat 7) look amazing. I can visibly see the work that has gone into these. They will provide an incentive and inspiration to carry on sorting out the rest of the woodwork that needs attention. See how long that lasts!

Dave’s current wrestling project, realigning the engine is another job that will be hidden from view. New engine mounts will be in place, the prop shaft will sit quietly and precisely linking the prop to the gear box and we will have less vibration when we run the engine. I’m told.

A little personal goal I set myself was to run the loop trail that undulates around Fort Macon. I’m not a natural runner. Don’t think Mo Farah or Seb Coe with stylish leisurely bouncy gaits. Me running looks like hard work. Think more stuttery, unnatural, painful looking effort. Persistence paid off though and running the 3.3 mile loop was accomplished earlier this week and repeated again this morning.

A sailing boat did depart this week. A 27 or 28 footer which was standing abandoned in the yard when we arrived, having not moved for over 3 years. Well two youngish Swedish guys turned up, worked on it for 3-4 week’s and off they went towards Jacksonville. The weather was pretty hideous rain with a dashing of strong winds but depart they did. Emails have been sent and we hope to hear from them in the next day or so.

The speed of their arrival and departure did make me question what we’ve been doing here for an extended period of time. And how their boat was ready to go. Dave pointed out their size, simplicity ad lack of systems. No bathroom, so no plumbing needed; no fridge so limited power generating capacity required; no space so limited possessions possible. And generally little comfort or frills. Maybe when we were in our late 20’s or 30’s but we have have standards now!


2 thoughts on “Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps, Definitely

  1. Jane & Ritchie says:

    thinking of you guys. How proud you must be of your revamped Grace.
    The warm turquoise waters are waiting. Hope you make it down here before heading back to Maine but as Spring approaches and shorts and t-shirts replace parkas and pants.. wondering whether you will. Good luck putting the stick back up..
    J & R


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