Bugs are out

A local guy said to us….”we have every critter known to man”. That’s bragging.

Well, the no see’ums are out today. The North Carolina version of the Northumbrian midgy. Or Scottish midge. Blasted little blighters. Something so small creating such irritation. Attacking human skin with unseen knives and forks, munching randomly, swear words  and slapping sounds filling the air as we wait for a breath of wind to disperse the irritants.

Overnight rain, hot, steamy still conditions, perfect for a family midgy day out.

My other encounter with an animal this week was a dead one. I was in the boaters lounge at lunchtime and a plate of meat and potatoes came my way. It was wild Alaskan moose. Is there any other kind? The shooter gleeful showed me a picture of her next to the downed beast, all antlers and smiles. Well she was smiling. It was butchered in situ, loaded onto inflable kayaks and paddled out to the float plane. Quite a few air miles for this dinner. Tasty. Well it was meat and potatoes. What’s not to like.

We sail this week. A few more unexpected jobs reared their heads. A pinprick hole in a stainless steel water tank plus an engine valve problem, A pinprick hole necessitated grinding fibre glass away to get the tank out, welding, epoxying, fibreglassing back into place, painting, connecting pipes and a very dusty cabin.

The engine has had some TLC,  Dave and Brookes, the mechanic sharing the load.

Seriously watching the weather now. Our time has come.



6 thoughts on “Bugs are out

  1. Rob says:

    Hello chums! Good luck with the next leg of your adventure, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a decent weather window for you.

    I’m busying myself in a Croatian shipyard, filming the installation of an IGG on a Supertanker. It’s also having its 5 yearly overhaul in the dry dock, but the list of jobs to do on it still isn’t as long as yours!!

    Also, this is my last big job before I retire, so can you head home fairly soon please? I need some playmates! X


  2. Mike says:

    Good luck. Hope all goes well. I’m taking a boat down the Caladonian Canal in August so getting ready for midges too !! x


  3. Patti & Jenness says:

    Good luck with the midges! Miss you two already. Hope you sailed today. Wish we were there. Safe voyages!


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