Test sail


A few facts.

We depart in a few hours towards Bermuda. 15 miles today down to an anchorage. We’ll spend a quiet night away from the boatyard. Then set off properly tomorrow.

Nancy and Kenny Bock who own the boatyard have a property on the Intra Coastal Waterway and spied us creeping past from their dining room table, hence the photo. We had a few hours out testing the engine and the rig in preparation for departing.

All the crew that work in the boatyard have been generous, friendly and professional going above and beyond to help us. Sheets of ice the size of tennis courts floating down the river are but a distant memory. The trees are lush, the temperatures have risen and there’s so much more boat traffic on the river. Summer is coming.

650 miles or so …. 5 days ish we imagine. It’s feels so good to be on the move again.


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