The Cat in the Hat

I’m not a hat person. I believe they are primarily things to be worn of necessity in the hills and mountains to deter chilliness. So unsurprisingly, my personal hat collection is limited. One baseball cap from a client event about 7 years which serves to keep the sun off and is really a bit on the skanky side of pleasantness now. A woolly beany for warmth and a back up warm waterproof hat with deputy dawg ears should I loose the aforementioned woolly garment.

My reasons for not being a hat person are two fold. Number one, when I wear one I look like an idiot. Number two, I feel ‘hemmed in’ wearing one. I will generally resist the necessity to wear one until basic reasoning takes over. What I really mean here is, I’m too hot or I’m cold.

My friend Biddy is a hat person. She looks great in a hat. And I think she’d appreciate the new addition to my collection. Where’s this all leading……well I have a new hat!

We’ve been in warm places of late. The sensible gene kicked in and I decided hat protection was the way to go. Budget allocated $12. Requirements…big, straw, stiff not floppy, lightweight plus a string to stop it blowing away. I can report all requirements were met other than I blew the budget. I frivolously spent $12.95. We were exchanging texts with some friends and I sent a picture of my new hat as part of the conversation, well he said, you can always use it to strain pasta!

So with my new linguini hat in position, we are heading up the Intra coastal waterway from Morehead City, North Carolina towards Norfolk Virginia. We spent 4 days at sea getting from the Bahamas to Morehead. It turned into a trip of contrasts. Some great fast sailing, periods of no wind where we turned the engine on and some relatively unpleasant beating into the wind with confused seas and occasional waves in cockpit. That bit wasn’t much fun as I wished to be miraculously teleported to somewhere….anywhere.

We are on a bit of a deadline to get up to the Chesapeake to get the boat hauled out for summer. We will back in the UK from mid July to mid September, a trip that’s been planned for several months, although we haven’t actually booked flights yet as we wanted to be 100% sure of being close to the airport. Too much previous history here!

A last snippet. Three years ago today we moved onto the boat. She sits slightly lower in the water as she now has to transport an extra hat.

5 thoughts on “The Cat in the Hat

  1. Jane& Ritchie says:

    not yet… Ritchie 4 weeks post rotator cuff shoulder surgery after Mountain bike crash. In a sling for 6 weeks.. No waterskiing for 3 months..:0 Its the year of rehab for both of us. Hopefully back in full swing by the Fall and f’sure when the snow flies. Plan a visit. We now have bigger digs.. Say hi to Rick at the boat yard from Panthera.


  2. Jane Frazee says:

    Check out Stingray Point Boat Works in Deltaville VA..
    Great DIY yard and not much $$.. Ask them if they remember the cat that got locked in the ice after their genset did a runaway.. I believe they will recall. We are trying to forget..
    Safe sailing


    • grace of longstone says:

      Will do!
      We are hauling out at Chesapeake boat works…’s the sister yard to stingray. Just a bit more depth for the haul out but sensible $. It’s $175 per month on the hard so we like the idea of that.

      We are about 45 miles from Norfolk after 2 big motoring days in our slow heavy boat. 12 hour days are a bit gruelling to get some miles in but we’re normally doing this in the snow and ice so heat and bugs make for a change I suppose.😀

      I hope you both have fully functioning body parts now?


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