Pennies to Pounds

The first thing I ever saved up for was a drop handle bar racing bike. It cost £112. I was in my young teens and £112 was a fair whack. Summer’s working washing dishes and autumn’s picking potatoes let me accrue my pile of dosh. It took a while.

My previous bike was a 1930’s women’s racing bike which I was given. It was heavy, sturdy and went like stink when you got it upto speed. Brakes seemed optional but the leather in my school shoes did the business too, much to my mam’s chagrin.

Having to save up for something that cost more than three figures gave the bike more value than the pure financial cost. Dirt and rubber gloves were involved.

Saving up, just generally to have some cash behind you, is a different thing. It’s an insurance policy, a ‘what if’ fund, but the question is, when do you spend that money? Surely the whole point in saving up and putting a bit of cash by, is to spend it one day and not just grace the bank’s particularly greedy piggy bank. 

Where’s this leading? We splashed some cash on a new prop shaft and a new life raft. Buying a life raft is an bizarre thing. Spend good money on something you never want to use. There’s probably a adjective to describe this but I don’t know what it is.

We went to the Annapolis boat show to suss out different brands and prices. Some looked like kiddies paddling pools that wouldn’t  stand up to a boisterous 5 year old, We opted for something that was the ‘top end of the mid range’ priced rafts. It felt like the best compromise after we’d pondered for a few days.

Good news is we are back floating. All good. Well that’s not strictly true. The generator is not working. It won’t start so we are liaising with the UK, Germany and the USA about getting a new starter motor as it’s still under warranty. It’s a three way email dance.

We’re not big dance fans.

3 thoughts on “Pennies to Pounds

  1. D parker says:

    Yes, I remember the bike, usually with a rope attached holding a dog In tow! Glad to read splashdown seems to have been without incident. The high seas await. Onward to exotic climes ?
    My exotica is my rowan tree. A poem
    Oh Rowan tree. oh Rowan tree/ There was name sic a bonny tree/ Iin a’ the countryside……
    I’ll try and send a pic. Dad ( not my poem)


  2. Jane & Ritchie says:

    Generator… Deltaville….?? Nightmare time. As you may recall, our generator did a ‘runaway’ the day we splashed in Deltaville… There’s something fishy about Deltaville and Gensets..
    Good luck getting back out to sea. Winters a coming.. Time to point that bow south.
    Snowing hard on the mountains this week. We’re fine with it. All stitched and screwed back together so ready and waiting..


    • grace of longstone says:

      I’d forgotten about your generator fun and games. 😀 Hope our new part will arrive Friday if the agents can get it together.
      Snow in the mountains. How lovely.
      Pissing with rain here as we wait for the wind to clock to the nw. There’s quite a bit of fetch here. Bouncy bouncy.


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