It’s called the Sunshine State, and maybe it is in July and August, but here on 27th December it’s hooning it down good time. Our small armada, two boats, the Windora’s starring Phil and Linda, plus us on Grace eventually escaped Bluffton, passed through St Augustine and Titusville and dropped anchor in the Cape Canaveral vicinity.

Once again, we boat refugees were adopted into an American home for tea and medals and a full on Christmas Celebration. A collaborative effort delivered a lunch spectacular for 14 people. Dave made his infamous 4 hour gravy which proved a hit all round. Chris’s house became the focal point for four days as errands were run, boats were mended and improved and day trips were embarked on.

My day trip was to the Magic Kingdom. I believe a good two thirds of the American population descended on Disneyland on Christmas Eve. The queues and general human throng was immense and initially disconcerting. But Disney is Disney and they do their day job very well. I’d challenge even the most cynical of folks not to crack a smile as the Christmas parade goes past or the CGI Monsters Inc show interacts ingeniously with the audience. You’re never too old to go and enjoy the magic. Just maybe go on a quiet Wednesday in November, not Christmas Eve. Oh, and start saving now. Your cash will magically disappear.

Dave chose not to make the trip, instead staying to install a new alternator on the boat. For you technical bods, this hulk delivers 75 amps at tick over. If this means nothing to you, that’s cool, all you need to understand is it makes Dave very happy.

Back to the weather, it’s been darn right difficult and uncooperative as we look for a window to cross the Gulf Stream to get to the Bahamas.  And then down to the Exumas to meet friends there. But a window is promised on Monday so we are lining up to take full advantage. Meanwhile it’s still pouring, Dave is moist and I’m hiding writing this missive. (Maybe I should write something akin to War and Peace to stay out of the rain)







8 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Julie says:

    Oh nice to sit down for 5 mins and read your blog.
    Wow Helen Disney….. I guess it has to be done if you are in the vicinity!
    Good to see you are still living the dream, while the rest of us plough on with domestic life.
    All fine here on Jersey. Did the annual Turkey buster walk today with the National trust. A gentle meander down in St Quen. Good start to the year..
    Keep on chugging on you two. Hope the weather improves for the next adventure.
    Lots love from us.


    • grace of longstone says:

      Hi Julie
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Ben sent Dave a picture of your new kitchen. It looks fab. And I’m sure will make a massive difference to family life. I don’t doubt we’ll see it one day.
      It’s lovely to be back in warm places with clear blue water. Although it’s pretty breezy today and dave is up making sure our anchor doesn’t move. I’m in bed supporting him from the horizontal position! Say hi to the kids from us both.xx


  2. chrisgalebtinternetcom says:

    Hi guys

    Seasons greetings and all that

    Bet you are missing dull dreaky days and too much traffic and screaming neighbours and bloody relatives. And …. Clearly not

    We’re off up to equally grey and wet Lakes for a few days escape

    Take it easy

    Chris and Sue


  3. skibreezy says:

    Now then,
    Don’t recognise the Disney character with the yellow hood! But then we don’t get time to watch many films.
    Have a great New Year and we shall raise a glass in your general direction. Keep the adventure rolling! xxx


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