Pacific to Nuku Hiva

Part One
We’ve just passed the south west tip of Nuku Hiva. It’s about 5 miles to the anchorage. The battle plan for pre arrival chores has been instigated. Showers, shave, hair ziz for Dave, wash the cockpit with fresh water, do the washing up, etc etc. Generally making Grace and ourselves look as bright and shiny as we can after many days at sea.

There will be customs, borders and immigration officials so looking bright and shiny sets the right tone in our heads.

The land is spectacular. Wild rock shapes, crazy looking ridges, every inch covered in green. Birds pop over to have a looksy before heading off. The wind is ‘up the chuff’ for this 4 mile leg along the south of the island. It’s relatively slow. But an extra 30 mins or so in the scheme of a passage of this length is neither here nor there.

Part Two…. some time later
Dun, Dun, Dun…..we’re in. About 3 months later than planned due to a respiratory disease, but we’re safely here. We’re anchored in Taiohea Bay on Nuku Hiva. 29 days and 14 hours to be precise was our time at sea from Pedro Gonzales in the las perlas islands just south of Panama City.

I can’t say the passage has all been a bed of roses. Often the things I (and I’m guessing others too) appreciate and value are things that have been worked for. Let’s face it, we’re in French Polynesia!

But that is forgotten now. We’re having beer and a picnic lunch. Friends came out in the dinghy with Hinano Tahiti Beer.

I will be asleep very soon.

9 thoughts on “Pacific to Nuku Hiva

  1. httpadventuresfrombeyond says:

    What a fantastic update!  Excited for you two.Rob and I will be hanging out in the easy peasy Bras d’Or Lakes of Cape Breton for a couple of weeks.  You should drop in!BIG Hugs from BeyondSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    • grace of longstone says:

      We’re here. Delighted to get in. Great landfall.
      Spoke to the Windora’s yesterday. They are in NZ now. After almost having an international incident with the Tongan Navy. Phil will enjoy telling you the tale.


  2. Mel says:

    Congratulations guys…. how very exciting! We have beautiful memories of that part of the world…. which will stay with us forever.


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