Please let us in!

We have submitted paperwork to request an exemption to the border closure, for a ‘compelling reason’ to be allowed to enter New Zealand. With help from an Australian friend who is more in the know than us, we (well Dave almost exclusively) pulled together the required documentation. It proved to be rather like writing a proposal for work. I remember those days! Dave was always pretty good at that, being pithy and to the point with no extraneous words or bullshit. His mantra was often, ‘well the words look pretty and some people may think that sounds impressive but it actually doesn’t mean anything’. 

We are part of a pilot group of a handful of sailing boats ‘testing the waters’ for getting permission to go. 

It took most of the day as we had internet / connectivity problems but the twenty six page document has been lodged, we have received an acknowledgment of its arrival and now we wait 15 to 20 days before NZ process it. 

Are we confident about getting a yes, do come? The mood varies from its pretty unlikely to there has been an enormous amount of behind the scenes work to get to this point. Marine organisations, insurance companies, a particular marina in NZ, weather experts, the Ocean Cruising Club plus many committed individuals have all had a part to play talking to various government offices and the health authorities is NZ. 

We have fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for positive news. Means we’ll be tied up in knots while the two to three week wait drifts past. In that time, we will move further west, meaning a few days at sea again. Not sure when we’ll start to move. Need to check the weather. 

We’ve been in a bay called Anaho for a few days. Take yourself back to 1949, get into a musical theatre mind and search out South Pacific on you tube. You’ll recognise some of the tunes. I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair, There is nothing like a dame and Happy talk. You know you want to sing along.

Anaho is a small village only accessible by boat or by an hour’s hike over a hill. If you’re looking for a film location in the South Pacific, this could be your place. 

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