Tahiti Trip

Sorry folks! After being absent for a few months, I’m on a bit of a diatribe run. More epistles from the end of my fingers as I tippy tap my latest thoughts on our boaty happenings. I’m confident normal service will resume with a post every two weeks or so in the very near future. So in the words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t panic”

A quick location update. We left Gambier, planning to make landfall at Hao, a 460 mile trip.  But we had good wind so decided to just keep going to Fakarava, an extra 300 miles away. We sailed the whole way, averaging over 6 knots which pleased us, came in the pass at the north end of Fakarava in the dark and anchored off the village around midnight. 

Fakarava delivered internet, lettuce and Holly’s mum. Holly is a good buddy and her mum flew in from the States for a 10 day visit. She brought with her an A4 file detailing numerous covid tests, permissions to enter and leave French Polynesia from the High Commission, proof of vaccination and other gubbins. She said travelling is indeed possible but not straightforward and each compulsory covid test takes quids from your wallet. Doesn’t make it a particularly appealing prospect.

Dave and I tagged along for some activities (we were invited!) and a top top time was had. We dived south pass a couple of times again, went cycling, ate out once and had cocktails at a local pension which, more importantly had a table tennis table. Jarne and I abandoned our drinks as competitive table tennis was much more absorbing. Jarne, a lovely lovely Belgian guy who has just had his 30th birthday asked me how old I was, after I’d beaten him twice. 55 I proudly said. 

On the bike ride, Holly decided she would fly with her mum to Tahiti the following day for a bit of city fun and her words ‘a fancy ladies day’. Her mum had a day to kill in Papeete before boarding a flight to LA. “You should come” they said. So I did! 

It’s only just over an hour on the plane and we had two nights in town. The majority of my time was spent trying to tick boaty items off my extensive shopping list. We did find time for dinner out at the food trucks, a lunch meet in the market and pina coladas at happy hour. Holly and her Mum did have a “fancy ladies” day. They both arrived for drinks with glamorous pearl jewellery. Very gorgeous. I didn’t show them my fuel pump purchase. 

And finally here’s a little bit of blatant marketing. Like all marketing, feel free to ignore it.  Let’s face it, most of it should be ignored or not even be allowed to see the light of day. 

  1. Check out wind hippy sailing on you tube. That’s Holly. Sailing a 27’ boat from Maine, USA solo. She’s one of a kind….in a very nice way.😀
  2. Check out Shed Radio. www.Mixcloud.com/shed_radio/ This is my very good chum Mr Robert Knowles Esq. from Matlock who during lockdown started up a radio show from his shed. There’s about 7 shows uploaded all of them spanking and worth a listen. We like to listen so we can hear his cheery derbyshire tones.

One thought on “Tahiti Trip

  1. Rob Knowles says:

    A plug!! Ta chuck!! I’ll expect my listenership to at least double, to 4. Really looking forward to August!! X


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