I’m stood in the dentists. I’ve managed to wheedle an NHS appointment before we fly back. A dental appointment is the equivalent of a medieval coin turning up in your change from the supermarket. Extremely rare. 

I’m standing in the corridor. This is an advanced position. First position is outside the door on the path. Position two is checking in from afar at reception. The corridor is close to the stairs where above, all the drilling and filling action takes place.

There was a time two years ago where receptionists never left their chairs, the counter providing an impenetrable barrier. Movement was not a requirement. Now they’re up and down like a jack in the box. Ushering, temperature taking, separating, sanitising, door opening. It’s a much healthier job.

Magazines are no more. I always liked a flick at the docs or dentists. Who’d have thought that ‘Derbyshire Life – extended Easter Edition’ would be life threatening. 

But I get it. And I’m grateful to get the appointment. I’ve got a temporary filling, hazzah, and a time booked to see a dentist again before we head back to Grace. Thanks helpful receptionist. 

Flying over to England was timely. French Polynesia is in lockdown, cases having ballooned. Locals are now queuing up to get vaccinated we read which wasn’t happening while we were there. This is good news, and with 7 weeks before we return, lockdown may be done with by the time we get back.

I could name check all fine people we’ve seen since we arrived in the UK. But the list would be very very long and a tedious read. I did say however I’d name check Brian and Judy! So there you go. Thanks again for the lovely ‘salmon-less lunch”. You’ll have to ask Biddy’s dog about the fish whereabouts. 

Tomorrow we plan to do some paddleboarding on a section of the Thames with our friend Lisa. Falling in will not be like the Pacific Ocean. Lots of incentive to stay dry.

The red car we bought in Wakefield has delivered us safely from Northumberland to Suffolk and Wales and places in between. This weekend it’s Maidenhead and Winchester from Derbyshire. Next weekend it’s the south coast and Brighton area. It’s busy busy busy. Even a bit of work has been thrown in. My God, I hear you say.

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  1. Alan Green says:

    As “Grace of Longstone” was built in Taiwan, are you not thinking of calling into her homeland on your epic journey?
    Go on, do it. Everybugger ignores Taiwan, the bloody Chinese government makes sure of that.


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