Apologies but this will likely be a dull read. These ramblings had two purposes when I started writing. 

  1. A written history for dave and I of what we’ve done and where we been. A précis of highlights and lowlights and medium lights 
  2. A way of keeping family and friends updated now that postcards can only be found in antique shops. Don’t you miss receiving a picture of the roundabout in Milton Keynes or a crazy golf course in Margate. 

Then I added a third.

  • A record of random Helen thoughts which may amuse others but are primarily for my personal selfish benefit. Stuff to look back on when I’m more mature.😀

This post hits number three.

I had this moment while out walking when a memory flew to the front of my mind from its usual oblivion. A friend of mine at school, called Eleanor had a nickname which I’d not considered for eons. The name was Pom. Trudge as I tried through dim and distant memories, I have no recollection of how Pom came about. What is it about nicknames and their origins?

Dredging more, it became apparent that most of that group of school friends had nicknames. Alison was Gab, Kevin was Joe, Tony was Smurf, Stewart was Pip, Marion who’s middle name is Isabel was ‘Isabel necessary on a bicycle’ which was the height of hilarity, David Urwin was Durwin and Allan was Rod. It wasn’t like we were FBI representatives that needed cover. We were 16 year old kids in a small high school in rural Northumberland. And these names are still used today. Bad luck parents who spent hours um-img and ah-ing about what to call their precious offspring. A bunch of unruly teenagers will sort that out in a flash. 

I know I quite often attribute names to people we meet along the way. Recently there’s been Naked Kevin, a single hander who appears to have an aversion to clothes, (prepare yourself Australia, he’s on his way), there’s Eric the dentist, retired but this nomenclature comes as a complete phrase and Mister Aldric who always gets this prefix. He seems to like the implied irreverent reverence.

Dave has a ‘chesty thing’ going on. The covid test says no. We’ll not move till he feels better. Means I’ve been out walking lots. A loop around the village takes between an hour and a hour and a half depending on the route. It was during  one such walk when I trawled the dark crevices of my mental filling system and Pom fell out.  

And finally. What’s the going rate for a haircut? £10, £20, £30? I’m not up to date here. Today I exchanged 12 iced cup cakes for a cut. Seemed like a fair deal. It’s short, very short, actually very very short. Even I think it’s short. There was no mirror, just much chopped hair gently wafting downwind into the sea. 

2 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Julianne says:

    Hey Helen. I was only thinking that I hadn’t read anything from you recently. Not sure where in the world you are but lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear Dave isn’t 100%. Anyone happy to take cup cakes or the like for a diagnosis or remedy? I know what you mean about nicknames. I had friends at school with nicknames – Trevor was ‘Minny’ & there was a girl called ‘Chunky’ – not as harsh as it sounds but for the life of me I can’t remember her actual name! As for haircuts – try £100+ for cut & colour. Mind you my hairdresser is like a welcome therapist & we do have a giggle. Lastly postcards – my mum came to visit and wanted to send postcards back to South Wales to her friends because ‘it’s lovely to get things in the post’. I must have stopped at every local post office, corner shop & those lovely little shops that are like the Tardis and seem to sell everything you didn’t know you needed. The only ones I could find were pictures of the local area seemingly taken in the 70s! ‘A great historical & educational record of what the area used to be like’ I said to my mum. She wasn’t convinced but graciously accepted them anyway knowing she was sending postcards of where she was which didn’t look anything like where she was ha! Ha! Anyway, enough of my rambling. Continue on your now what must be your ‘normal’ way of life peppered with adventure & surprises. Lots of love, Julianne


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