Mostly August

My 13 year old nephew said “I’ve just seen Aunty Helen run up the stairs like a wolf”.

I’m taking this as a massive compliment as I’ve had another trip round the sun and I plan to be be able to ‘wolf the stairs’ for a few more years. 😀

Dad continues to astound expectation. In medical parlance, his vital signs now include making ginger biscuits and shortbread. He can walk round the block assisted. He can berate the zapper for the television as well as the next person. He can supervise my gardening exploits.

Dave continues to beaver away in Fiji. (I think!). I’ve booked a flight and I will soon get back to boat life with NZ on the horizon. The mornings are getting chilly here in Northumberland too and I don’t have many clothes so it’s time to get to warmer climes.

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