We splashed out and bought some cheap second hand bikes. It’s great to have wheels again. Means we can whizz around Nelson on the network of cycle paths. We’ll be here for a while sorting some work out on Grace. She’s ready for a bit of more major TLC. Hull, upholstery, canvas, rudder for starters. I’m enjoying the prospect of being in the same place as a base for a few months. And Nelson feels like a good place to be. It’s been hot and sunny for days. That certainly helps.

Sunday could have been a replica Cromford Sunday. I went and played tennis for a couple of hours then we went for a bike ride. It’s about 3 years since I hit a tennis ball. It showed! But I had a fun time and I’ll go again. I also have new sparkly white trainers. Finding trainers to actually play sport in seems unnecessarily difficult these days. I don’t want a fashion item. Yes, I could buy specialist shoes on line but I want to try them on first. I will look after this pair so they last a very long time meaning I don’t have to search out another pair anytime soon.

Our last bit of sailing before Nelson was around the Able Tasman National Park. There’s a Cromford link too as we met up with Rob, Kate and family who used to live in the village. Although it was 17 years ago that they were last resident there. Really, that long. 

We had a great few days. Lots of activity. Some sailing, canoeing, fishing, climbing, beach walking, picnics and loads of catch up chat. We took Grace round to another bay to swim and muck about on the beach playing frisbee and bat and ball. Sid and Tilly between them helmed the whole way and both did a top job. We plan to get down to Oamaru to visit them at their home in the next few months. They’re all lovely people.

After they left Dave and I walked some of the Able Tasman trail. It’s easy walking through bush and across beaches. Can see why it’s so popular. We walked to the trail head one day and took a water taxi back. There are no roads into the park. On foot or by water are the two options. The aluminium taxi boat did 40 plus knots and wasn’t the most comfortable of rides as we pounded into the wind over tide waves. But speedy it was and we were back on the bay where Grace was anchored in 15 minutes. 

Today it’s the start of a new week. We’ve had a whole raft of potential suppliers around to visit the boat. We need to sift through quotes and make some decisions. Dave is about to trundle off to get a piece of aluminium for a dinghy repair.  Then chat to chap about hauling out and a paint job for Grace. The work starts here.

One thought on “Nelson

  1. skibreezy says:

    Great photos, and fab to see you caught up with Rob Kate and the kids. So enjoyed our time with them. Just gutted we can’t get out there at the same time.
    Crack on!


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