Two main jobs today.

1. Chain. Joining two lengths of chain together to give us 90m in total, marking it at 10m intervals, splicing a length of rope into the end to tie it into the anchor locker, reattaching the spade anchor after Richard helped us ‘touch it up’ with some zinc paint then getting it all back onto the boat. Job ticked.

2. Holding tank or as it colloquially know, ‘the poo box’. We want to put one on the boat so when we’re in those beautiful anchorages, nothing unpleasant gets pumped out. You get my drift. We had plan a. Dave built a model and we tried to fit it. No go. So to plan b. Another model built at home and it fits like a dream. So tomorrow we order the poo box plus a whole load of ancillary bits like diverter values and pipes. Never thought I’d be the proud owner of a poo box.

Other jobs ticked today…. New anodes attached, hull line scrubbed, boat washed, more lists made. In the words of Wallace and Gromit, “A grand day out”.

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