Back in the water.

Yesterday we got Grace back into the water. She’s been on the hard standing all  winter and access has been up and down a ladder. Now she’s in her natural habitat again.

Its always a bit worrying when your life savings are being trundled about in a couple of slings but all went very smoothly and to plan. The crane is an incredible bit of kit and my guess is the driver will be amazingly good at computer games, looking at the controls. Not my skill set at all.

It was actually a warm spring day in Hull yesterday so we got quite a few of the halyards and lines back on. It was most pleasant working in the warm sunshine. Sails next time assuming it’s not a windy day.

We have paid to be on the visitor moorings until the end of May. Back over to Hull in a couple of days – work needs attending to. Ho hum.

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