Moving onto the boat

Friday night was our first night on Grace as our new home. We finally moved out of the cottage in Cromford around 4.30pm that day. The cottage looked fab…. all nicely painted and sparkled for the new tenant who moved in on Saturday. I’d be happy to live there, it’s a great spot.

Our friends Sally and B served us a top quality brunch that Friday to help us with the final few trips up and down the path. For those of you who’ve never been to the cottage it sits about 100m up a swithcback path from the road. Everything is carried up and down this path. At least moving out it was all down hill.

Then over to Hull to unload the van and get stuff onto the boat and find hiding places for everything. Today is Monday and about 50% is stowed.

We caught up with Dave’s mum and dad on Friday night, and his brothers and their families yesterday. The Savages helped us putting some reefs in the main sail and Richard, Dave’s brother was most pleased to be asked to ‘hoist the mainsail’. Thanks for the help guys!

We’re sat in a coffee shop doing some work getting used to what life may be like in the future. How do I feel….. excited, proud we’ve actually got to this point, exhausted (although a couple of good nights sleep have helped) in getting to this point and a little nervous at to the unknown, but it’s a good nervousness.

Weather permitting we’ll be setting sail on Friday. South coast will be the first proposed destination. Please put vibes out for fair winds and sunshine. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Moving onto the boat

    • grace of longstone says:

      Thanks Jo. This trip has been a long time in the making. We sail tomorrow morning around 7am. It’ll be about 2.5 days to the Solent non stop unless we end up pulling in somewhere on the way.
      I’ve made a big pot of chorizo stew to keep us going for a couple of days although dave seems to think it may disappear in one meal. Hmm.
      Enjoy the summer….. when / if it arrives. X


  1. John Derek parker says:

    So you are about to escape! Lucky you. As you swan around the world, have pity upon us, we can’t even crack ice(land) good sailing , a fair wind, I shall listen to Khatchaturian (Spartacus) on Friday. Music for one of your mums favourite soaps!! Look forward to next blog. dad


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