Stories to tell

Some folk are just natural storytellers. Our friend Miv has some great personal stories to tell about bus driving and watermelons in Lincolnshire. If you catch him in the right  place at the right time, (he’s a busy man) he may regale you.

On this trip, we’ve had a few notable stories told to us. Danny and Emily are proper sailors. Their current boat has journeyed from Mexico to the States to the Med and upto Portsmouth. This trip of several thousand miles was all done without an engine. They ‘hove to’ off the Isle of Wight for two days waiting for the northerly winds to abate. That’s proper. They had an engine fitted in Portsmouth. We met them in El Ferrol in an anchorage off a sandy beach. They plan to sail to Chile, Danny’s home country as he wants to sail round Cape Horn. In comparison, we are ‘nanny class’ with our bespoke mattress and Earl Grey teabags.

Another tale which kept us laughing for ages was told by a chap who admitted in his younger days that he was a bit naughty. He was obliged to do Community Service as penance. His supervisor took him to a flat that needed painting which belonged to a thalidomide victim. Fair do’s. he thought. Armed with tins of gloss he started his many hours of payback.

After a couple of days he thought there’s always lots of people to-ing and fro-ing from  the flat. And even above the vicious fumes of the gloss paint, there was always a lingering sweet smell around the place.

it then dawned on him. He was painting a thalidomide drug dealers flat, under the instruction of the criminal justice system.

Today we’re heading west towards Camarinas but it won’t be long before we round Finisterre and head directly south along the Spanish and Portugese coastline.

The list of breakages and things to mend is increasing every day. Guess it’s mostly wear and tear. Living on a boat is substantially different to the odd holiday or weekend afloat. More free nights at anchor are calling to pay for running repairs. Having said that, we stayed 5 nights in La Coruna for €73 which works about £12.60 a night. British marinas take note!

4 thoughts on “Stories to tell

  1. Lis wilkinson says:

    Living the life H and Dave! I’m enjoying the up dates, I can ‘hear’ you telling it as I read. Keep up the storytelling. So glad all is well. X


    • grace of longstone says:

      Thanks Lis. It’s a nice feeling knowing that folk are reading my odd ramblings. I’m trying to write a bit more than just a diary update. My plan is to persist with it until I run out of interesting things to say. Guess school is back running now….. Not long to self imposed retirement and freedom!


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