Today we went inland to Santiago de Compostela. I know our journey by boat and service bus doesn’t qualify as a pilgrimage. I looked up a definition just out of interest…..”A journey especially a long one made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion”.

We chatted to a guy in the Cathedral who told us to qualify officially for the ‘Pilgrimage Medal’ (not sure exactly what the honour is really called) you need to have walked at least 100km or cycled 200km to reach the city.

The Cathedral itself is remarkable. Massive, incredibly ornate and rammed full of what I considered to be three merging groups of people. 1. Backpackers, walkers and cyclists easily recognisable in their lycra kit and possibly from their smell?! 2. Tourists, which is the category I’d put us in and 3. People there for religious reasons and to take part of the daily services.

Even today in 2016, the bling of the ornate gold in the centre of the Cathedral cannot go unnoticed. Who knows what your average local Spanish peasant thought of it in the 1700’s if indeed they were allowed to look.

There is an extension to the walking trail from Santiago to Cape Finisterre. Having had a cracking sail round the lighthouse into the bay, the following day, which was Dave’s birthday, we walked from the village out to the lighthouse on the headland. We pondered how many countries have their own Lands End / Finisterre equivalent. And do they all sell their own variety of tat?

On the way back we sat in a beach bar in the sun having a drink looking out over a beautiful sandy beach framed with hills and Eucalyptus forests.. I’m happy that our sailing journey so far had taken us to some amazing places. Such a view is enough for me. No need for ceremony and bling.

On a more practical note, we have starter motor problems which is pretty key in starting the engine. We may be in Muros which is in one of the Spanish Rias for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Pilgrimages

  1. John Derek parker says:

    Happy birthday Dave! Good pics (beaches almost as good as Northumberland) perhaps a little warmer and sunnier. God to see Finisterre rather than a name on the shipping forecast. Hope starter problems are soon solved. Told Helen not to forget the oars. Dad


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