Desert Island Discs

Choosing  only 8 records to play on your desert island is tough. You’ve probably done this too mulling over the dilemma. And my choices do change depending on mood, circumstance and sometimes just hearing a great record and thinking, bloody hell, that’s ace, I really like that. There are however some non negotiable tracks ….

  1. bring me sunshine – morcambe and wise. Had it our wedding, it’s my alarm every day and i love its sentiment. What’s not to like, it brings smiles to faces and it’s easy to sing along to.
  2. blue monday – new order. Part of my ‘yoof’. I also think it’s timeless as you play it today and it’s doesn’t need sound dated. Great baseline.
  3. stone roses – waterfall. The album this track is from is immense. I can quite happily listen to  it on repeat without getting bored.
  4. eagle eye cherry – people will always take the long way round. Upbeat and part of dave and I’s history.

The remaining four allowable tracks as I said, weave in and out of my consciousness. If you’re at a loose end, let me know a couple of your tracks and why….I’m just being a bit nosey.

The reason for the angle of this blog, is that we are on our own desert island. Islas Cies is an island in the national park, not far from Vigo or Bayona. I’m not really going to say much more about it other than look at the photos and enjoy. We are.

It’s not all sunshine and light though. We did have right old pea soup fog last night where seeing the boat from 50 to 75m away was impossible. Glad we left the anchor light on otherwise we may never have found her in the dark returning on the dinghy. Seeing Grace loom up out of the darkness was quite spooky. And lying awake at 4am hearing an engine from another boat that could have been 1 mile away or 20m away was disturbing. I’m thinking, please see us. Don’t the crash into us. We have survived the night intact and will walk up to the lighthouse at the southern end of the island for sunset and views tonight.

Off to Vigo tomorrow. Big city will be a big contrast to here.

3 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs

  1. Rob says:

    Ayup you two!

    Here’s a couple of fab Desert Island Discs for you:

    1. Here’s to Life by Shirley Horn . This one perfectly sums up our attitude to life, and yours too I suspect.

    2. Soul Mates by Grant Nicholas. Gina picked this for me on one of our Vinyl Nights, she said it perfectly describes our relationship. I think it perfectly describes yours too.

    I send these to you with love and hope that you’ll continue to keep yourselves safe.



  2. Mark Ludbrook says:

    Like a Hurricane …..The live version from Neil Youngs Weld live. Got to get your times worth. 14 mins long…..fabulous.
    loving the blogs H and the photos are fantastic….keep safe the pair of you.


    • grace of longstone says:

      Hey friend. Lovely to hear from you. Hope life is blooming for you in chez Vegas.
      I’m surprised you didn’t mention which amp, Speakers, cable etc are needed for the hardwear side of things too! But going for something long is a good shout.

      We’re having a jolly nice time, still working a bit but by Internet and phone and not delivering work personally. A few glitches here and there, mostly to do with technology but works well most of the time.

      In Vigo today. Just moored up. Will be heading out to explore the city soon.



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