100 days



Not many photos here. Slow email in our beach bar.

We’ve been liveaboards, boat gypsies, transient souls, work avoiders, travellers (substitute your own word here) for over 100 days. I know that because I read an article in the british press that it’s 100 days since the Brexit vote and we moved onto the boat the Friday the results were announced.

I’m glad to report Europe is still welcoming Brits and as U.K. Representatives, I hope we are received as doing our bit to be friendly, non judgemental, interested and happy to spend money in whichever country we are in.

We went into a café at lunchtime yesterday in Aguino in the Ria de Arousa. We tapped into their free wifi for 45 minutes and bought a couple of beers – cost €3.40. In that time we were brought two little tapas dishes each, one with a few roast potatoes, a mini sausage and a small spare rib and the second with a small portion of octopus stew. Both delicious and flavoursome. As if that wasn’t enough a bowl of crisps and a bowl of olives arrived too. That was lunch unexpectedly taken care of. All for about £3.00.

It’s Sunday. Dave is writing a proposal. It’s sunny but it was a bit nippy this morning before the sun developed a bit of warmth. First indications of autumn maybe…. time to get further south. The Ria here is beautiful and rocky, not unlike Brittany or the Channel Islands. We motored in close to shore through a narrow channel to save 3 or 4 miles. It sharply focuses the mind seeing the rocks looming as we followed a dogleg of transits. How accurate is the chart plotter? Stay on the bearing, 105 degrees to the green and white tower. Breathe, we’re through.

There are some islands off the coast here which form part of a national park. We have applied for a permit to visit and been ‘approved’. So Isla Ons we hope to visit you this week.

Dave’s rope work skills were put to the test a few days ago when Dan and Emily snagged their anchor on a massive log in Muros harbour. The log was longer than their 27 foot boat, incredibly muddy and stank. Between us the log was wrestled and returned to the depths for the next unfortunate boat who picks that self same spot. It was too unwieldy (and smelly) to take to the shore. Sorry.

One thought on “100 days

  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds a bit Scilly-esque that route in, and breathe. Happy memories.
    Loving the blogs, keep sharing for the armchair travellers x

    PS Very belated happy birthday Dave, I was in Lesbos with nephew and Neilson. They are now closing Ortakent 😦


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