Work and play



Praia da Luz

Miv came to stay for three nights. It was lovely to see him and enjoy his company. There was some work and some play to be done. The Unique Solutions office has moved from Derbyshire to Miv’s house in South Wales. Catching up on what’s working, what’s not, current clients, new opportunities and day to day business requirements took some time. But we also found time to hire bikes and head off along the tracks along the coast for an explore.

We got to Praia da Luz,  then watched the surfers from a cafe while eating lunch at a  beachside cafe. Top Sunday.

Today has been a productive day in preparation for heading off to the Canaries. A bit of heads down and ‘get stuff done day’ until the unscheduled entertainment started.

There are many boats here preparing for a similar trip to ours. About 2.30pm we were putting some eyelets into a lee cloth on the pontoon when there was a bit of a commotion behind us. Two guys on the front of a boat  were staring into the water, obviously having dropped something into the deep.  Next thing we witness is a bloke stripping. Not to his underpants but stark bollock naked. He prepares to jump in, decides that’s probably not a good idea then walks back and forward up the pontoon a few times. Some conversations take place and the crew reassemble together in the cockpit. None of them appeared interested or concerned that their friend had been strutting his stuff in full view of folk passing by for a few minutes in his altogether. And he was in no rush to find any clothes.

I did (cheekily maybe?) thank them for the entertainment this evening. What goes through someone’s  head to think the only way to solve the problem of dropping something into the water to get naked… INSTANTLY!  And if you do need to go in the water, it’s okay to keep your pants on. The associated boat isn’t carrying a British or Portuguese flag. Perhaps you’d like to guess the nationality of the crew.

Our sat phone sim card arrived from the States today. Dave is trying to get it sorted. It’s not just a plug and play thing. Anyone got a spare 17 year old techo whizz kid out there?




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