The danger of forming quick opinions

You have a problem. A big problem. You research the problem….internet, phone calls, chat to experts, gathering information before deciding on a way forward. The advice received varies from ‘its completely unresolvable, don’t waste your time’ (from an expert engineer who comes recommended through a contact of a contact as knowing everything there is to know about engines) to ‘yes, you have a chance to make it work again’ (from a contact of a couple of sailing friends in the UK).

Then you literally bump into a Frenchman whilst shopping in Spar who we’ve met previously in a marina back in Portugal. This is where I hold my hands. I’d already formed an opinion and made a judgement about this chap as whenever I saw him, he was always smoking. I am a pretty ardent anti smoker so my view of him was coloured unfavourably. A judgment based solely on fags!

Bizarrely, madly, fortuitously, this man had first hand knowledge of our problem. He graciously came to our boat the following day and spent 3 hours with Dave resolving and fixing our problem, getting doused in an oil and water shower as part of the exercise. This man is our hero. Thank you so much.

I subsequently discovered he is a biologist by profession, his specialism being dragon flies which he studied extensively in French Polynesia. He plans to sail back there to continue his studies. He’s also worked on 200 tonne ships and knows about mechanics and engineering. I learnt to hold fire on my judgements, although I am still an ardent anti smoker.

The upshot of this rambling tale is that we are still on Tenerife. But our mood is very different to last week when we identified the problem and doom and gloom filled the boat. Happiness abounds again. Grace is a happy ship once more.

We’re taking our time. A day at the beach yesterday, more swimming at the beach later today. We have booked to stay in the Refugio before heading to the top of Mount Tiede next week. Looking forward to this trip,

There are still some prevention measures to be installed to ensure said problem cannot arise again but that’s in progress so the mood on the good ship Grace is positive once more.

Not many photos here. Been a bit shoddy in that department recently. Will try harder.

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