A regular Friday at sea

Practical things first today.
We’re a third of the way across. Have covered over 700 miles. About 1400 to go.
We have eaten all the lovely fillets from the fish we caught so will be putting a line out again. Probably with a smaller lure as we don’t need such a big fish again.( I know this approach is completely the right way to go. But part of the competitive me is secretly thinking let’s try for a bigger one).
We’re glad we don’t have access to the internet or tv today as neither of us particularly want to see the inauguration coverage.

Our little tracker seems to doing its thing. It’s not the most advanced, fast moving or interactive computer game on the market but does have a reality to it rather than, well I don’t really know what, as I don’t play computer games, super mario, grand theft auto??? Every hour we hear a small beep from the iridium phone as it sends a text with our location to somewhere and something happens so you get a red dot on a screen thousands of miles away. That’s the technical analysis of the IT hardware and software we currently have available.

We’re getting through reading material too quickly. A book each every day / day and a half. Mostly books we’ve acquired on the trip through exchanges. But a few downloads and books from home. Dave has enjoyed and whipped through Danny Bakers autobiography, re-read Treasure Island (it’s a free download) and persevered through a little self published book written by a bloke about his experiences on a coach tour holiday around Australia. I read it too. God knows why we both persisted, it was utter boring dross. The Australian tourist board ought to buy up all the copies and shred them for hamster bedding. It’s not doing the country any favours.

Each morning we take a walk round the deck to check the rig, look for chaffage (I like that word) and remove the kamikaze flying fish for a burial at sea. I was chatting to Miv by email earlier today about flying fish and his thoughts amused me.

“And what goes through the mind of a Flying Fish as it takes its last gasps on the deck of a small boat in the middle of a massive ocean?
‘Oh, that’s just bloody typical that is. All this sodding water and you go and choose this bit, “come this way” you said, “it’ll be nice over here”. Idiot!”

One thought on “A regular Friday at sea

  1. Linn Waite says:

    Ha Ha Miv has a way of spotting the absurd…but yup that fish should have bought a lottery ticket.

    Do flying fish jump when there are no boats around? Are they just alarmed.

    How’s the weather? What’s it like looking at all that sea and have you seen anything else?  So you have averaged 100/day? That’s pretty good isn’t it?   What will be whacky is how different it will be when you get to land again…culture, people, landscape everything a real sense of journey so much more than sitting on a plane and popping out the other end in such fast time scale.

    I have spent the day in bed feeling sick and poorly and feeling sicker by making the mistake of tuning in to the you know what. It is so hard to listen to something you know is such bullshit and know that there are so many people not seeing the bullshit at all, so sad to know people are being duped and played…it’s the worst kind of manipulation.

    And now I’m deep in planning permission objection writing and picture labelling ready to drag myself out of my bed tomorrow and get people sending in their objections…we are on a war footing against the shoddiest of developers who have it all on their side….

    That all sounds quite down…it’s not all bad, the sky has been blue, the sun shining, Bailey has not believed his luck….a whole day spent snuggled in bed with me. And tomorrow I shall feel better (everyone else has been down for 36 hrs then ok) and we are meeting a rich person in Clifton!  They have agreed to meet so fingers crossed we can get some money out of them.

    We had a potential major financier drop away  for the 2nd time so we are pretty good at re organising and getting out there. Up against it time wise…can be stress but also a sense of excitement in the urgency.

    We are also now multi-award winning…2 short films Kate and I executive produced with our director have won awards at various festivals…hurrah!

    Right back to planning regulations….

    L x

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    grace of longstone posted: “Practical things first today. We’re a third of the way across. Have covered over 700 miles. About 1400 to go. We have eaten all the lovely fillets from the fish we caught so will be putting a line out again. Probably with a smaller lure as we don’t need s”


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