Half time oranges

First half is complete. It was a slow start. Not much early action as we eased ourselves into the game. Didn’t want to use up all our energy early on. A solid defensive start was what we needed. After the battering we took in the first couple of days out of Tenerife, a mid table Tuesday night *away fixture at Walsall in November would suit us fine. (*if you don’t get the analogy here, ask someone who knows about football)

After a couple of days though, the game got more interesting and started to stretch as Grace pushed on and just before half time did a run of 138 miles in a day. We were happily impressed by that. We have a little game every day… guess that day’s mileage from noon to noon. The current scores show me in front but all still to play for. Loser buys the rum punches in Barbados.

A bit of housekeeping during today’s half time milestone – put the ships clock back one hour as we ease ourselves towards the time difference in Barbados. That’s an hour extra today for fishing. Caught another last night just as we were about to give up and have veggie stir fry for tea. Landed, dispatched, filleted, in pan with lemon and butter within the hour. Our friends the ‘Coconuts’ who are about 250 miles ahead of us caught a tuna yesterday. That’s our game plan for today.

What will the second half bring? Well I hope our crowd returns to watch from sofas, arm chairs, desks, kitchens etc and see that small red dot advancing steadily west. I guess a tuna would be the equivalent of an Alan Shearer hat-trick. Continuing to average over 5.5 knots would be a happy crowd at St James Park and no substitutions please as Dave and I crack on with the second half in fine fettle, well rested and content. And we need to mention a big thanks to our strategist and meteorologist in Jersey, Ben, who is providing data. I think outside coaching is allowed and we will pass the drug / alcohol testing as this is a dry boat.

I still have a hotline to football in the uk. The draw is a strong umbilical cord that will never be severed. I can’t reveal my source but I hear Newcastle beat the mighty Rotherham 4-0 yesterday. Good luck for the rest of the season toon army and a safe and enjoyable passage for us.

Sporting PS.
1. Can someone let me know how Murray gets on the Australian Open?
2. Did Armel win the Vendee Globe? Was Alex Thompson second? How close was the finish?

Sailing PS
989 miles covered. 1025 miles to go. Yes, I know it’s not exactly half way, but you have to allow for Fergie Time* (sorry another football reference)

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