A to B to get to C

Eagle eyes will have spied our change in direction. We were running out of wind on our previous heading and also pottering towards a windless hole. So we turned a lot more south on the advice of our weather router, his professional persona is Mr B Dandridge but we know him as Ben. Thanks again for spending your evenings looking at synoptic charts, grib files and different computer models. (I hope we aren’t providing you with an excuse to get out of kiddies bedtime or washing up duties!)

Another friend Mark, who Dave happened to be emailing last night offered the same picture. This sailing lark is not just about where you are now. It’s about where you’re going to be and what the weather will be there.

We had a couple of small squalls come through last night. Dave timed his watches brilliantly and didn’t get wet. He was up though, give him his credit, supporting me from the dryness of the companion way steps as I winched away some sail. The radar is a great addition to have as it picks up areas of dense rain and we can track direction and estimate speed too.

20 odd hours later, we are now at a more southerly latitude. Sail plan has changed from Main and Yankee to our faithful twin headsails again. We have bright sunshine, 12 knots of breeze, a reasonably forgiving sea state and we’re doing over 5 knots in almost the right direction.

In the ‘to be rectified’ column, we are currently devoid of fish in our refrigerator. Wahoo in a garlic and herb cream sauce last night with green beans and sweet corn. Okay, the veg came out of a couple of cans but still good eating. The line is currently out so in the words of Delia Smith…. let’s be ‘aging you. (Sorry, another football reference. And you thought I’d got that out of my system)

Food is quite a big thing on the boat as you can imagine. Fresh wise, we still have sweet potatoes, new potatoes, garlic, ginger, squash, onions, a leek, a red pepper and an assortment of oranges, lemons and apples. We shopped on 13th Jan in Mindelo and set off the following day. Today is 24th. How many days to go? Well with that old caveat, weather depending, perhaps another 7.

4 thoughts on “A to B to get to C

  1. Alun says:

    What no meat pies!
    I remember Ken saying that Fray Bentos Meat Pies in the tin were like gold when he sailed. You could swap a meat pie for virtualley anything you wanted. Salty old dog!
    Lets pray for the tuna, and hope that the line is strong enough!
    Carpaccio maybe? Just checked that you still have lemons.
    Looking good!
    Breezy & Al


  2. Barbara says:

    Well done, how fantastic, just looked at your tracking page and I can’t believe you are so far into your journey. Amazing, and good speeds, it’s good for the soul!. Wonder if that Tuna has obliged, but if not it sounds as if a wahoo would suffice. House sale seems to be dragging on, but hope to be down to Ella mid Feb.
    Keep safe, and remember we are watching you!
    Lots love Barbara


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