Good times, painful times…



It’s gonna be tough to leave Maine. We’ve hiked, climbed, sailed, cycled and socialised. It’s been fantastic. However, to provide some balance and prove life is not always sun and pleasure, I had to have a tooth taken out.

I have decided that medical people generally lie. Standard lines that get tripped out….”sharp scratch or little sting”. These lines are not true. Having an injection feels nothing like a sharp scratch. It’s a lingering jolt of stabbing pain as the anesthetic / medication is slowly injected. I don’t create a fuss because I know there’s worse to come with the pokey things and pliers. The extraction is not straightforward. The tooth cracks. Half of it comes out fine, the other half is stubborn. That’s enough detail…..your imagination call fill in the gaps here.

Weve been out of circulation for a while, sneaking into sheltered coves where phone reception doesn’t exist and wifi is unheard of. Three American guys rowed past us.  We exchanged pleasantries and they said come to dinner at 7.30. So having been acquainted for all of 5 minutes, we pitched up on their boat with a few beers and some home made scones and enjoyed an unexpected evening with good food and happy chat. That’s the unexpected world of living on a sail boat.

Other stuff…….we helped out at the International One Design World Championships Regatta based out of North East Harbour. Made some good friends and ate oysters. Nice.

Our friend Ken came to Maine and we hijacked him for two days and went sailing. Shame he wasn’t around for longer but I know he had a good time and dave and I appreciated him just sailing the boat (he’s an old hand as he’s been round the world already if you didn’t know) while we caught up in a few chores. And his Derbyshire news of course.

Now we’re in Rockland in the public library catching up. September is upon us. We ought to make some plans for what next. Hmmmm.

3 thoughts on “Good times, painful times…

  1. Julianne says:

    Sounds fab. Having dinner with folks who wave as they pass in a rowing boat sounds a bit too Deliverance to me, as long as they weren’t playing a banjo!! Sorry I missed you Helen, when you came over. I must have missed some emails or something, so rubbish, sorry but hopefully at some point in the future. We’re just home from a 2 week road trip in France – pics on my FB page if you have wifi and time – ha ha. Hope the mouth has healed ok after the extraction – horrible anyway you look at it!! Love to you and Dave xx


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