Heading South

Shame we weren’t around in Bayside, Maine in mid August 1914. The carnival that year had a greased pig competition for men and boys and a greased pole competition too. No stipulations on the poster for the second competition though so maybe girls and women could play too. Perhaps there was a grease surfeit in 1914. Bonsall, Derbyshire take note. Your carnival needs to broaden its horizons and its grease quotient. Just saying…..

How do you know it’s time to move on? When’s the right time? Is the decision based on a feeling or some data or a conversation or the weather? Probably all those things for me as after seven weeks in Maine, we set off from Rockland on Saturday to make our way relatively slowly towards Long Island and New York.

The wind should be from the north or north west rather than prevailing from the south west. Helpful for our journey although predicted to be relatively light. We’ll probably end up motor sailing rather than pure sailing. We also need still need to be mindful of the hurricane situation, as although we are a long way north, wind and rain can spoil the party.

We’d had a couple of days of miserable weather. Its definitely been chillier in the morning and evening. We bought two hot water bottles. Still warm during the day when the sun is out as I determine to wear shorts for as long as possible, there is a slight modicum of colour change on the tree foliage. Autumn will be picture postcard territory in Maine.

Like Cornwall or Jersey, Maine will be a place to return to. There were places we’d earmarked to visit that didn’t feel our footsteps and coves that didn’t get the chance to grab our anchor. Next time. Heading up East again and into Canada would make for a great adventure. A short summer season but lovely and quiet and it seems very rarely visited by british boats, or any boats for that matter.

It feels like the next stage of our trip is beginning. As I type this (although it may not get uploaded for a couple of days) we’re heading towards Portsmouth, then Gloucester. Familiar British names, although unfamiliar places. Being back in big towns will be a sharp contrast to the last few weeks. Will we blend in or stand out like country bumpkins? Indeed what is the equivalent of a country bumpkin if you are boat based?

Well, if timing is everything, I need to get back on deck and let dave have a bit of downtime. 10 minutes till swap over time. If I pitch up on deck with tea and biscuits I will be popular so kettle here I come.



2 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the update. Good luck on the next part of your journey.
    I’ve just returned from sailing around Malta but even there the wind was too strong to go out on one day !
    Take care x


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