Happy Christmas


This is our Christmas spot. Bock Marine boatyard on the Intra Coastal Waterway just outside Beaufort Carolina.

We have guests for dinner later so this will be brief.

Happy Christmas folks. Make it a good one. Xx

5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. bendandridge says:

    Living life at altitude again!
    Happy Christmas, Boxing Day etc. Hope it wasn’t too chore filled!
    Great having a bit of time to catch up with your tales, always enjoyable.
    No H&S there about living ashore? Thought the US was hot on that kind of stuff, but then again looking at the home made ladder, maybe not!

    Ben, Julie, Flynn & Fleur.

    Ps Looks like your bottom scrubbed up well Dave!


  2. Julian says:

    Be careful! We had our boat lifted out and some bastard bought it!
    Happy Christmas, intrepids, ,Corinthians, dream shakers, comfort shredders and to all who have been unsettled in your
    Don’t forget us in Devizes J&B


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