Walk that plank


Last New Year’s Eve we were in the Cape Verde’s off Africa. I’d been out and had a ‘magnificent’ hair cut in preparation for the all night party in Mindelo. There are photos of me in a skirt and vest top on the marina deck at midnight. It was a balmy mid 20’s.

This year, in Beaufort North Carolina, Grace is on the hard, we have two heaters running and we await temperatures of -10 Celsius at night this week. I have had a hair cut but no great stories to report. Just the usual ubiquitous hairdresser ‘chitty chatty’ nonsense.

There was a pirate walking the plank episode advertised in downtown Beaufort as part of the local New Year’s Eve celebrations. We turned up with about 10 minutes to spare and stood with the baying crowd while at least a dozen people dressed in pirate regalia goaded the crowd. This is going to be mad I thought as snow flakes whisked through the darkness. Imagine our disappointment as a pirate mannequin shuffled along the plank then dropped into the drink. The crowd roared. On reflection it could have been a sketch from Spike Milligan’s Q show in the 1970’s. My head just wasn’t in surreal mode, I was just being a bit too straight-minded.

Life at 15 feet is okay. Our kerosene heater is back from the UK and roars. Backed up by our fan heater, the living space in the boat gets acceptably warm. As I mentioned earlier, with minus double digits this week at night and without the insulation of being in the water, Grace can get chilly. The boat isn’t winterised so we need to make sure nothing important freezes. Like us.

The mast comes off the boat this week. Compression issues apparently. Our list of jobs gets shorter then longer. I have proudly finished my Bimini / Canvas / Velcro / solar panels / sewing project. Only took days of my life sprinkled with a modicum of naughty words. Dave gets to play with cables to wire them in now. Then we need sunshine to see if they work.





2 thoughts on “Walk that plank

  1. grace of longstone says:

    Well HNY to you too!
    Plans for 2018 are stillup in the air. We will be ashore till mid or late January we estimate. Then likely to hightail it to the Bahamas for some serious sun and beach time. After that, not sure. Options…. dash acrosss the Caribbean Sea to Panama. Then through and towards NZ. Go to Cuba and a few other south amaetican places at a more lesisuely pace for the season. Or spend Winter in the Bahamas then come back north and sail into Canada next summer. We’re in that undecided, other things influence our decision period, not least what we find when the mast comes off the boat tomorrow. Choices…choices.


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