Naked without a mast

The mast came off this morning. Grace seems naked without it. The compression issues will be investigated this week. By necessity, a hole will be cut in the top of the boat where the mast sits. Only then will we start to fully diagnose and understand what’s going on. It’s a bit daunting the prospect of having a hole cut into your home. New year…new experiences….

What else… It’s pouring with rain. Due to turn to snow later. Then freeze. Apparently a weather bomb cyclone is going to hit the US over the next few days.  I feel like I’m turning into a weather spod.  “A dull or socially inept person especially someone who is excessively studious”. Must stop. Not cool. Note to self.



4 thoughts on “Naked without a mast

  1. Amanda Staughton says:

    Happy New Year guys! Love reading the blogs, you are so brave to follow your dreams!! Hope 2018 brings all you wish for.
    AJ xx


    • grace of longstone says:

      Hi friend. HNY to you too. Hope you had a good one.
      It snowed overnight here. Spent this morning shovelling it off the decks. It’s not all super sexy this boating lark. Snow is for mountain walks and skiing.


  2. julianne osborne says:

    Wow, sounds daunting. I’m not sure if you’re seeing my comments? What are your plans for 2018?

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