Familiarity and friends

One week in. Two weeks to go. Some work, some family, some friends. My trip back to England so far has been crammed.  South Wales, Staffordshire, Northumberland and Derbyshire visited. Hampshire, Worcestershire, Southern Ireland to come this week. Then a quick reprise of South Wales and Staffordshire before it’s time to head west again across the Atlantic in a metal flying machine.

Dave meanwhile is hanging out in Bermuda until my return. His swimming is improving and he tells me it’s hot. Sounds tough. I look forward to my return and joining in the fun.

Dad and I spent a morning revisiting old haunts, House number one and House number two from my childhood. House number one had no bath. So my parents went across the road to the pub for a soak. I was only 3 months old so a sink was suitable for me and my older sister. House number two had both a bath and a large garden. Luxury.

Somewhat different times to today.




2 thoughts on “Familiarity and friends

  1. Patti & Jenness says:

    Looks like a lovely trip so far! Sounds like Dave is suffering without you, poor chap! Safe return. Looking forward to see you in New England!


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